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• 8/25/2013


Hey everyone! It's pretty exciting to start a new wiki, and pretty daunting, too! Before we jump the gun and start building pages and categories willy-nilly, I think it's important to get basic policies ironed out in order to save ourselves some trouble down the road.

First off, what is the purpose of this wiki? Just a place to publish fanon? Do we include official DMC info as well? How do we draw the line between fanon and canon?

Second, we should define what a fanon is, and what minimum standards a fanon must meet in order to remain in the mainspace. How long should a fanon be? Do we have minimum standards for grammar and quality? Who or what should judge whether or not an article meets these standards? How do we handle articles that do not masure up? Is something that is just a description of a game enough, or do we require actual prose? Can a fanon be made up entirely of images like a comic book?

Third, how do we organize and categorize the fanons? There are several ways we can go about this. The Avatar Wiki has incredibly strict and detailed rules for fanon; requiring all chapters of a fanon to be sub pages of an index page, and all fanon character pages to have a suffix of (fanon name). We don't have to do this, as we probably won't have to differentiate between fanon and canon, but we should at least implement some hard rules about categories. One thing I can think of is to make authors create a category page for all their works. If they want to sub-cagetorize pages for different fanons, that'd be acceptable. Though, we would have to tackle the issue of how to deal with multiple pages with the same name, I.E. if two people want to call their Fanons "Bayonetta May Cry," or if there are mutliple character pages for "Dante" from various fanons, each one with a different background or significant new experiences from canon. One way might be to use author names, and ask authors to make separate headings for Dante's (or other characters) from their different fanons.

Fourth: We need hard rules as to who can and can't edit articles, and what can or can't be edited. For example, is it acceptable for random readers to correct misspelled words or missing/misused punctuation? How should suggested edits be proposed? Do we enable article commenting?

Fifth: The backgroud of this wiki is, in my opinion, distracting and unprofessional. Tiled images like this are difficult to pull off in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but; if we want to use that specific pic, we should probably find a larger, higher-res picture without the "Devil May Cry 4" logo, and just stretch it across the background.

... Okay, that's about all I can think about for now. Oh wait, no! One more:

Sixth: Image policy. What do we allow? How do we name and categorize images? We should probably allow fanart, but, connecting back to my first point, is an image alone fanfiction? My personal suggestion is that we require all images to have the author's name either first, or last, but we should be consistant with what we require.

All right, now I think I'm done... for now.

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• 9/9/2013

Permission from the person who drew it. 

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