Gomorrah is a colossal, demonic dragon-like reptilian beast that serves as one of Marys summons

Appearance Edit

As Gomorrah is usually partially summoned, his head and neck are usually the only thing seen. A crown-like ornament dons the top of its head with four glowing eye-like dots appearing on either side and a mouth lined with dozens of fangs that frame a twisted forked tongue. In its full form, Gomorrah appears as a massive, six legged dragon-like demon with a body that is one hundred feet in length from nose to tail and is primary black in color with red and purple accents. Long serrated horns line down its head, back, and sides of its body all the way to the end of its tail with a thick heavy chitinous hide that layers across its body similar to segmented plates of armor.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Gomorrah's main strength is its biting power, able to pick up titanic angels and crush them easily between its jaws. When it is fully manifested, the demon is able to breathe streams of crimson fire akin to a traditional dragon. It relies primarily on lunging bites, swipes with its massive claws, and huge sweeps with its powerful tail to do damage.

During the final phase of the fight against it, Gomorrah's variety of attacks increases and it displays incredible speed. It is capable of breathing in a vacuum with such intensity that Bayonetta cannot escape it.

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